Work for us! We're actively looking for people to extend our team. Please apply through the application forms, so that we can get in touch quickly.

Your first day at Parashift

Every new job provides new tools, workflows and people. For a good start, we'll try to make things smooth for you. We provide a guide for you. One of your coworkers will show you around and introduce you to your coworkers, the tools we use and where to find things.

Working remote or in site?

In case you work remote, you most likely know your office environment pretty well already. In this case, we provide you with all the tools and logins as well as a coworker as your guide through the coming weeks. Of course you will be invited to work in our office to get to know everyone and how we work. In either case, we'll make you familiar with the team and our office.

Things we plan for your first day

  • Setup your workstation including the tools you need. Your team mates will tell you what tools they use and why, and give you a hand for setting things up.
  • Add your Email account as well as Slack account. We use slack a lot for our team communication.
  • We will invite you to various other tools like for time tracking, task management or our github organization.

Having lunch with the team is also great for getting to know everyone. As some of the people work remote, you'll get to know them on our next company retreat in person.