Work for us! We're actively looking for people to extend our team. Please apply through the application forms, so that we can get in touch quickly.

Our application process

As we are not looking just for people in our headquarter in Sissach, Switzerland, but also for remote applications, we get a rather large amount of applications.

We think that we should offer everyone an equal chance to be considered as a new team member. To do that, we have worked out our application process, which works like this.

Shantanu Roy

Shantanu Roy, Machine Learning

Starting with an optimally long and interesting interview process, passing through the work permit hurdles along with a patient and strong supportive recruitment team, followed by a smooth on-boarding, the journey began. Here the team is international, distributed and of diverse skill-set. Remote work is supported and integrity is strongly expected. I have found the voices heard and situations treated with great empathy. Having been an academic researcher previously, I enjoy the weekly sessions on papers and literature on cutting-edge research and aligning the next blocks of progress accordingly. The software developers can join these machine learning research sessions and the data science hackers can join hands in learning software engineering better.

Contrary to obsessive micromanagement, here one can find encouragement for being innovative. The environment is collaborative, supportive, flexible, relaxed, yet efficient and fast-paced, which has almost no overhead of corporate governance. I can only see here passionate team players and a fun and engaging workplace - the CEO sketching his ideas on improving algorithms, CTO brewing coffee for the whole team, Team-lead teaching German during lunch, SONOS playing music almost the whole day… This is surely going to be a great experience altogether.

Step 1: Apply for an open position

You will find our open positions here. We tried to add as much valuable information to our job descriptions, so you figure out quickly if you would be a good fit. Please use the forms provided to apply for a certain job.

You increase your chance to be considered if you add as much details as you have, which includes your personal experience as well as what you are looking for.

Step 2: First feedback

We will get in touch within 2 weeks and tell you if we find your profile interesting.

If you match our requirements, we might ask for additional information like code examples or documentation of past work. But we understand that not everyone is able to provide confidential work of past clients, so we will schedule a quick test to get a clear idea about your knowledge. The test will be done via Codility.

Maybe you want to talk to other team members, people you will work with in the future, this is always possible of course.

Step 3: Sorting out the details

If everything works out, we will have another chat to clear up any questions and discuss anything related your employment options, your salary and anything else. For our final talks we should meet in person. If you are not applying for our office in Sissach, don't worry. In this case we will fly you in to have a chat in person.

Step 4: Final decision

Within a few days we should make a decision. After exchanging the contract, you are ready to join the team!